Back to Puerto Princesa with my BF

When was the last time you spent a carefree afternoon, drink coffee (gourmet or 3 in 1), stay late night for bar hopping and watch sunset together with your college best friend? Back in the days when all we think about was to get that elusive college degree not to enumerate all the hardships, it was indeed worthwhile looking back and once again celebrate the best days of our lives. Now that we are all grown-ups and brave enough to face any challenges that life may throw at us, we do still need some time to loosen up while reminiscing the good old days.
It is my second time in Puerto Princesa, but just like other Philippines’ top destinations this place will never ran out of natural wonders and things to explore for new or repeat travellers. Upon checking in at our beautiful and chic hotel, The Hue Hotels and Resorts we rush to the Baywalk area to catch the sunset. It is a replica of Manila Baywalk but the big difference, the calming and fresh ocean breeze will definitely make you feel closer to nature.

On the other side on road are native huts selling fresh sea foods, sea weeds, vegetables and refreshments. Bicycles/ tricycles are also available for rent. We tried the fresh catch of the day and had a boodle fight, of course!

Bringing my friend, Ysa to the world-renowned Underground River is a must for me or else it defeats the purpose of visiting the city in a forest. There is now an added optional activity for tourists at the Sabang Port while waiting for their turn to explore the Underground River. The Mangrove Forest Tour will take 30 minutes. Travel time from the main city to Sabang Port will take 2-3 hours and have some stop overs to buy souvenirs. From Sabang Port, tourists will be transported to the cave entrance which is about 5 minutes boat ride.

Asking a stranger to take us photo while waiting at the port or anywhere we think photo-worthy is one of the funny little things we did during our travel.

It was indeed fun yet such a tiring day. We just had a quick nap in our room to recharge. At night, we spent some time over few bottles of beer. Thanks to our friend Doni for taking us to different bars until we decided to settle at the Tiki Bar. Entrance fee is only Php 20.00!

Next day’s itinerary is the most-awaited island hopping. Honda Bay is amazing and all I can say, you can never get wrong with Palawan. The Honda Bay tour includes Luli Island, Starfish Island and Cowrey Island. These destinations are equally beautiful. Tourists can go snorkeling or just simple go into the shallow waters where starfishes are huge and numerous.

Our hearts were filled with joy after the tour. We had a great night at the rooftop pool bar of Hue Hotel. Had some cocktails while plunging into the temperature-controlled pool. It was raining but still it was such a good spot to relax after a great tiring day.

Our 4 days 3 nights escapade ended with a city tour. We planned it well so that our last day at Puerto Princesa will be less tiring and considering the unpredictable weather, at least we already explored the main destinations beforehand.

We visited the famous Baker’s Hill where you can buy delicious Hopia for pasalubong. 

Took some instagrammable photos at the picturesque hilltop landscape of Mitra Ranch, which is owned by the late statesman Ramon Mitra, Jr.

And spent few moments with one of Palawan’s remaining tribe, the Pala’wan folks. You can interact with them during a tour at the Butterfly Garden.

We are excited for our next destinations and we are grateful for the experience. Adding to our trip’s convenience, we fly directly from Clark International Airport via AirAsia. No traffic, less hassle and just few minutes away from my home.

The cost of the tours varies on the travel agencies who will arrange your trip. Just want to share an idea of the costs of the tours:

  • Honda Bay (Luli, Starfish and Cowrey) including lunch and land and boat transfers is Php 1,500 per person. 
  • Underground River Tour including  lunch and land and boat transfers is Php 2,200 per person. 
  • City tour is at Php 600 per person

Here are some photos taken at our beautiful hotel.

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