Bohol Our Newfound Love : Take 2

It’s been our second time in beautiful Bohol, a place worth visiting for the nth time. It’s calm seas, fine white sand, amazing sunsets and laid back lifestyle are just one of its many charms. Last year’s visit was all about exploring its famous tourist spots, this time we decided to maximize our stay at the stunning Amorita Resort and explore some islets.
Early morning, we went for an island hopping adventure. It was arranged by the local tour guides and you can find plenty of them along Alona Beach in Panglao. Packages are way cheaper compared to those arranged by the resorts. The tour includes Dolphin watching, which I suggest that trip must be scheduled earlier like 5 a.m. ours departed at 6:30 a.m. so we were able to reach the dolphins’ sanctuary past 7 a.m. and was a bit disappointed as we got to see only three dolphins and there were about 15 or more boats already around the area which probably scares them away. Tourists must manage their expectations especially when they leave late from Alona Beach. The closure of Boracay encouraged more tourists to divert trips to Bohol but this place is enchanting enough to be an option.
Next stop was Balicasag Island, famous for its abundant underwater. This tiny yet beautiful island already have mini stores which sells food and drinks. Guests can bring their own food too. At the tip of the coast, lies nipa hut-inspired resorts and cheaper accommodation which cater mostly to divers. There are also resident divers/ life guards in the area.
However, what I observed they are not practicing safety standards. One lifeguard will be assigned to more than ten people and equipment available are also not in good conditions. The snorkeling gear given to me has entries for water which makes snorkeling very hard. Bringing your own gear is a plus. Our lifeguard got confused whom to assist first since it was a 1:10. Not all people in the boat knows how to swim nor have confidence on the water. One in our company was crying so hard and so scared to get off the boat, while some are already too far from the safe point. This can be improved if they will take it seriously as a tourism destination rather than a mere business. Those can swim and are confident will surely enjoy exploring the fish sanctuary. Other option for snorkeling is the sea turtle sanctuary and there will be added cost for it. On the contrary, we still enjoyed our time and met new set of friends.
Before heading back to Alona,  we had a quick stop at the Virgin Island. I was amazed with the beauty of the islet. It has a very long stretch of sand bar, fine white sands, crystal clear waters and mangroves at the tip of the islet. I can only imagine how beautiful the island is based on its character. Its mystique was already lost as it was already populated by some vendor stalls selling grilled fishes and refreshments. Nevertheless, it was the shortest stop we made but I was captivated by its beauty as we stayed away from the crowd.


Travelers must be responsible enough to keep these jewels so we can pass on to generations and to avoid another tourist destination closure stories.
Our last whole day was well-spent in Amorita Resort. Lounging by the pool, savoring its sumptuous meals, snorkeling, sitting together in a hammock which swung under the solemn trees overlooking the majestic seas and waiting for my favorite show of all time – the sunset. 

Bohol has so much glamour to spare. It always bring something new even to repeat travelers. Thank you for another great moment shared with lovely daughter. 

I would like also to thank Air Asia for bringing us to this paradise. Air Asia flies daily at Terminal 4 from Manila to Tagbilaran.


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