Exploring the “City in a Forest” ~ Puerto Princesa

It is our first time to visit this world-renowned city and finally we made it after so many plans! We stayed in Holiday Suites Palawan, their location is very good as it is located along the main road and opposite to it is Robinson’s Place Palawan. I believe it is the first mall to use full solar energy. The pool is also great, there’s a small restaurant beside where breakfast is being served. If you opt for a more comfy, beach front and high-end accommodations, you may go to hotels near the beach areas like Sheridan, Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort , Microtel by Wyndham to name a few. But these are located about 2 hours from the airport.

first timer in PPS

I made a customized itinerary which we saved a lot! Our Underground River tour was pre-arranged by the hotel at Php1,300 per person while our city tour was through Amiel Travel and Tours. Hotel’s rate for a city tour is Php850 per person but Amiel Travel and Tours gave it to me at Php350 per person with light snacks. They also provided us a very knowledgeable tour guide who gave us enough information about the places.


The only downside of arranging your own tour is that you have to pick up other guests from different accommodations as you are all in one van. But this will also give you a chance to take a look at this not so laid-back city and to meet new friends.



 Our first stop is the Baywalk area, it is literally a replica of Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard except that their waters are clearer. Bicycles/Tricycles are available for rent and selections of food outlets are more than enough. Fresh sea foods, sea weeds, barbecues, veggies and a lot more are available at reasonable rates.

Next stop is Plaza Cuartel. One of Palawan’s most historic place where more than a hundred of people were put in a dungeon and burned together, during the World War II, it was a former Japanese garrison. There is an underground which according to the tour guide, will lead you to the nearby old church othe Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral.





Since it’s getting late, we went quickly to the Crocodile Farm, they have impressive crocs population. We tried the animal encounter and it was not easy though! It took us a lot of courage to hold a baby croc as it’s quite stronger than it looks. Mouth was zipped with a masking tape but still a bit scary.



Last stop for the first day tour is the Baker’s Hill. This place is also a must-see. It’s concept is like a mother’s garden put into large scale. Very clean, relaxing, well-manicured gardens and a lot of nice spots for photos and food. According to the tour guide, it is just a simple home-made hopia store, but customers love to hang around since the place is very relaxing, overlooking the calm seas with all the beautiful gardens and landscaping by the owner. Visitors grow day by day so the owner decided to develop the place and the rest was history.


Our second day schedule is the most awaited Underground River tour. It took us more or less than 2 hours by land from Holiday Suites going to Sabang port. From there, we took a boat ride for less than 20 minutes going to the entrance of the world-acclaimed subterranean river. Upon arrival, tour guides will provide guests a device with head set where you must listen during the tour. It will narrate and explain the different areas while exploring the cave and the boatmen will focus the spotlight on the areas explained. At least 6 people must come together on a paddled boat. Awesome stalactites and stalagmites will greet guests during the whole tour. Our experience was amazing and kudos to our tour guide – Gerard for all the funny adlibs. Just a tip, listen to the device and enjoy the tour. If you opt to take videos, better watch it in You Tube. Guys! try to have real experiences, keep your mobile devices once in a while 🙂

At Sabang Port





After our underground river tour, we take a look at Ugong Rock Adventure Park but we skipped the zip line nor explored the terrains.

Before we head home the next day, we decided to see the Baywalk area for a relaxing night. Baywalk is one of my favorite place, imagine spending a relaxing time while breathing some fresh air, watching the sunset. Oh! how I looove sunset! Food choices are lined up, so you will never get hungry.





Traffic will still haunt you but Puerto Princesa is such a clean city. They even implemented a citizens arrest where everyone can arrest anybody throwing rubbish in not proper places.

The 3 days 2 nights stay in this wonderful city is not enough. We have more reasons to come back as we still did not experienced firefly watching in Iwahig, the powdery white sands in Honda Bay and try some adventures in Ugong Rock. We will be back for sure!

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