Nature Soaking in Anawangin

It’s been my tradition to escape for a short R&R before the year ends. Last year, I went for a solo travel for the first time in Potipot Island. It was indeed an experience I will forever cherished! Since I’ve been burning the candle on both ends most of my life, having a short break to somewhere quaint and tranquil is definitely the kind of place for an old soul me.
Only about two hours land travel from Clark, Philippines  to San Antonio, Zambales all you need is to take a boat ride about 30 minutes to stunning Anawangin Cove. Boat transfer costs Php 1,200 so it would be better to go in group to cut cost.

Anawangin is a perfect place to lounge and bask on its fine white sand with giant pine trees around, surrounded by dramatic mountain ranges. It’s quiet peculiar to see pine trees along the beach but I find it very relaxing. On the other side of the beach area is a lagoon which reminds me of the movie, The Lakehouse.

There’s a picturesque bridge which connects to the the other side of the lagoon where more picnic areas  under the pine trees are available. Cottages are also available for rent for day use or for an overnight stay. However, one should be reminded that the area have a limited power supply.

Come late afternoon, marvelous hues will surely stun all the sunset lovers out there!



It was just a short and unplanned trip but all worthwhile. A little dip in salty water, sandy toes and heart-warming sunset to revitalize my tired spirit. Capping off the day is a sumptuous meal in Subic Bay.

As the saying goes, “You discover or re-discover yourself only through travel, and unplanned travel is the most exhilarating experience.
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