Nostalgic Hits of the 90’s with Joe and Tamia Live in Manila

Nostalgic Hits of the 90’s filled the air at the Mall of Asia Arena on March 9, 2018 as the two R&B icons of the generation, Joe and Tamia came to Manila for a back to back concert. “I Wanna Know” and “Officially Missing You” are one of the famed masterpieces of the two great performers;respectively. 
DJ Neil Armstrong set the venue’s mood by playing the famous R&B hits of the season. It was a night of feel-good music with rightfully behave and connected crowd. 
As a kid of the ’90s, it only seems fair to reminisce about the decade that brought about some of the funnest times and soul-soothing melodies we all got to play in our original VCDs or watch from VHS tapes. Oh! that moment!

A once in a lifetime opportunity captured by my friend Manuel Chua, who happened to be the event’s official photographer.

Hello 90’s!

A Grammy and BET Awards multi-awarded singer, Joe is indeed a true-blood crooner. Crowd can’t do nothing but danced and heartfully sang with his tunes while enjoying the nostalgia brought on by the show.
While dancing with the crowd, I can’t stop but reminisce the bitter sweet moments of my college days with good old friends and some heart breaks. Let me sing a line of my favorite song, Another Used To Be (” There are so many things that I wanna say but let me start by sayin’ thank you, Darlin’ just because i used to love someone that I didn’t like ♬ I used to think relationships were a lot of stress, I used to think that pain was a part of happiness , now all that’s changed since you’ve come my way“)
Another set of timeless music were performed by Grammy six-time nominated singer-songwriter, Tamia. Who doesn’t know the song “Officially Missing You”?
She seems to be the original “hugot” queen that night when she asked the crowd, “When was the last time you fell for someone you never had?” Ouch, Tamia!(feeling close). Almost is also one my favorite Tamia song, which goes like this…..”I miss the times that we never had, What happen to us, we were almost there. Who ever said it’s impossible to miss. What you never had, never almost had you 
Thanks to  all my friends whom I shared the great night with; Manuel, Melanie, Patrick, Marijo and Christine. We all went home with great smiles and own share of joy.
Joe and Tamia Live in Manila was brought to us by Old School Entertainment and I heard it was their first ever event. Congratulations guys! not bad for a first timer! 
Photo credits: Manuel Chua
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